The Little Healing Book

Little Healing BookThis little healing book has been written to support you, or someone you know, who is undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy. It was written, as a special request, specifically for someone experiencing such treatments.

Use daily, to divert any anxious or fearful thoughts into feelings of serenity.

The aim of this little book is to create feelings of inner peace. positivity and the realisation of one's own inner strength and resources.

The book is divided into four parts:

  • the first part has affirming messages for the 'Days of Treatment'
  • the second part of the book is for the' Check-up'
  • the third part for the 'Recovery'
  • the fourth part is for 'Support'.

Each day choose a healing message, read it or say it several times during the day - particularly, when you are feeling anxious.

Connect to the healing messages to feel supported.


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