Divine reflection

Mandalas for Meditation

Mandalas can be used as a visual aid for meditation and as focus for opening to the intuition. The eyes are open and the focus is on the mandala.
I will guide you to work with the mandala as a meditative tool, helping you to focus your attention so that you may feel the energy of a mandala.
The mandala is a pathway to unlocking and connecting to your own intuition.
Another way to meditate with a mandala is to focus on the message and the chakra that the mandala symbolises.

I have chosen mandalas that relate pacifically to each chakra, by keeping your eyes open, you connect to the positive message of the mandala and have a visual focus for your mind.
Using the sound of your voice is a form of self healing and another tool for stilling the mind.
Bringing the two together is a new and unique way of experiencing these powerful mandalas.

I am available for one-to-one appointments or group sessions.

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