Mandala Projects

Spice mandalaIt is always a challenge and exciting to be asked to do something new. Needless to say, I have several moments of panic until I have a 'eureka' solution moment.
In May 2013, I was unexpectedly invited to create a mandala made out of spices on the Tasty Art stand at the Grand Designs Live Exhibition taking place at Excel Docklands.

Spice mandalaI drew a 12ins mandala on art paper and used glass paint to create ridges on the paper, once I arrived at Excel  I used a mix of polenta, turmeric,chilli, black onion seeds, smoked paprika and cinnamon to fill in the mandala, it took me about 7 hours.I created a 2nd mandala the next day using a different design and spices. Thanks to Cara White for the invitation and opportunity.

In June 2013 I received a request to decorate a Ketubah - a Jewish Wedding Certificate for Louis and Laurey.  It took a while to work out the 'how' - but once I had, turned out really beautiful.

My friend Branka is a talented Embroiderer and requested a design to work on, I drew a design straight on to the linen. The finished result is so amazing that I have drawn 2 more designs for her to work on.



Cafe Royal 8 mandalas in Akasha Spa, Cafe Royal.

Maternity Ward 4 large mandalas in the Maternity Ward of Russell Halls Hospital, Dudley, W.Midlands.

picture: Express & Star

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