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Mandala Workshops

In this workshop, I will help you to create your own mandala.
Beginning with a creative visualisation, that is a guidance system to locating your own personal symbols. Then, step by step, I will show you how to design and draw your mandala.
Once completed, time is spent sharing and interpreting the mandala. Discovering the unexpected messages that the mandala reveals.
The creation of a unique, personal mandala with colour and symbols can be used as an affirmation tool to move you forward in life and map the changes you desire.


I will share my experience of working with my mandalas and what I have learnt from them. The power of positive intent and how it is possible to escape from old belief patterns are key messages upon the mandalas.

Sound activates movement in the body so it is possible to change a pattern by working with sound. No singing experience necessary!

I will discuss the essence of the mandalas and how they developed into a set of Mandala Oracle Cards that I use to give life guidance readings. I usually close with a short meditation using one of the mandalas as a visual focus.

In this talk, we will look at the various messages and meanings of the mandalas.
How the mandalas can help us link to our own intuition and how to interpret a mandala.
We will experiment a little with the effect of sound on the mandalas. There will be time spent for questions and answers and you will be able to pick a mandala card and receive its message.

Please contact me for availability.

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